Monday, September 11, 2006

Stupid Car Dealer Ads

(Sorry for my extended absence. You see, I have been offered a new job, and I have been quite surprised about how that simple act has changed my outlook. My daily quest for The Stupid of The Day has been much more difficult. Could the mission of the blog have been reached so soon? Lucky for you, dear Reader, the answer to that question is: No. Not by a long shot. Read on.)

Okay, today's The Stupid of The Day is not actually car dealer ads. I mean, that is just incredibly obvious, right, particularly in a state such as mine that has extrodinarily weak consumer protection laws. But, car dealer ads have one thing in common with The Actual Stupid of The Day, which goes to ABC's "fakeumentary," "The Path to 9/11." And that is that they both perpetuate untruths.

So much has been said about this, that I'll let Crooks and Liars do my talking for me on this issue.

[A big shout out to Mr. Stupid Girl for noticing I failed to post what car dealer ads and the movie have in common initially.]

9/12/06: I present for my Dear Readers' enjoyment: The Path to 9/11: Deleted Scenes

Who loves ya, babies?

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