Wednesday, April 18, 2007

What are my favorite blogs, you ask?

Okay, so you didn't really ask. But now I bet you're wondering. Aren't you? See, nobody knows you like I do, dear reader.

And, to honor that, I will attempt to satisfy your newly-hatched curiosity.

I bookmark my blogs into categories, Political Blogs, Fun Blogs, and Food Blogs.

My very favorite political blog is, of course Wonkette (which is generally never safe for work [sorry about that, E!]). Its tagline used to read "Politics for People with Dirty Minds," and, since I am both a poli-sci major and a notorious perv, well, how could I help but love it. Be sure to read the comments, too, because they are among the snarkiest on the interwebs.

Fun Blogs have been a bit neglected by me lately, due to this whole first quarter of the year being equal parts swirling mass of major suckitude and the happiest moments of my life. But one fun blog I enjoy reading is Profiles in Toolness. Granted, not all of the contributors are great writers, but it does have moments of brilliance. I used to be an avid Television Without Pity reader when I really had shows I watched regularly. It was great when Trading Spaces was worth a damn. In fact, it was from TWoP that I learned my favorite non-swearing curse phrase: What the Frank? Oh, and the Six Feet Under recaps were awesome, too.

Now, Food Blogs always get my attention, and there are some fantastic ones. My all-time favorite food blog is Diary of The Food Whore, in which a caterer/restauranteur's brushes with truly (well, hopefully) unique diners are chronicled for humanity. If you recognize yourself among the patrons about whom she writes, I recommend you change your ways. She is a brilliant and funny writer. And, while I am totally omnivore, the Vegan Lunchbox diaries a mom's efforts to make interesting vegan lunches for her school-aged son. She has now published a cookbook. And I have never made lunches that look so good. Accidental Hedonist is an awesome mix of food and politics, often discussing where the two overlap. It tends to be the first site I go to when I hear of a food recall. This blog really opened me up to the illusion of safety of our nation's food supply.

So, I hope I've opened up new vistas on the 'net for friends, family, and total non-stalker-y strangers. Enjoy! Oh, and tell me what your favorite blog is. I love finding cool new ones.

(Oh, P.S. Nashville is Talking is a local favorite blog, which has its own special category, and that I forgot to mention.)

Friday, April 13, 2007

The Road is Long

The first quarter of this year has been quite a whirlwind. I have made great changes in my life in order to become the person I want to be, and that journey has proven to be a very difficult one.

Difficult choices have been made and innocent people have been hurt.

I can only pray those hearts will heal, and that this difficult journey will be worth the effort.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

JL Kirk & Associates: Stupid Bullies

Read about it here

Truth is an absolute defense against libel.

Monday, April 09, 2007


This must be the awesomest new word I have learned in a long time:

Abecedarian \ay-bee-see-DAIR-ee-uhn\, noun:
1. One who is learning the alphabet; hence, a beginner.
2. One engaged in teaching the alphabet.

1. Pertaining to the letters of the alphabet.
2. Arranged alphabetically.
3. Rudimentary; elementary.


Friday, April 06, 2007

In Tennessee? In April!?

It snowed here today. Big fat flakes were whipping horizontally across the sky for a good 30 minutes this afternoon.

I have spent several Easters hunting eggs in the snow, but that was in places like Michigan and Minnesota. But this, my friends, was darn-near apocalyptic.

Maybe not apocalypse-worthy, but still, it was a sight to behold.