Saturday, April 26, 2008

More Marathon Pics, Please!

Here are some more. The last pic is Jennifer. She was great.

In fact, I was amazed at how good everybody looked for having run 13 (thirteen!!!) miles, knowing they still had 13.2 left. There were runners going past us having conversations with each other, for heaven sake. I am pretty sure that after running 13 miles (as if) I would have to remind my lungs to breathe, let alone carry on a conversation.

Country Music Marathon Pics

What a fan-freaking-tastic day to be out watching other people run 26.2 miles! It was cool, overcast, and calm. My friend Jennifer isn't quite finished yet as I write, but she has passed the 20 mile point.

Anyway, here are some pics from our vantage point at the 13 mile marker. Enjoy!

Friday, April 25, 2008

I love The Hills

There, I said it. And yes, I mean the "reality" show on MTV, with Lauren "LC" Conrad, Heidi Montag and all the rest.

Why? I have, admittedly, nothing in common with these girls, barring poor choices in men (which I continued right on into my mid-30s). So what is it that draws me to spare space on my Tivo for this show?

I think it might be my desire to see Spencer finally get his comeuppance, preferably in the form of a whomp upside the head that miraculously wipes the smirk from his perpetually-smirking mug (maybe he reminds me of a younger version of GWB?). He's a turd. Oh, and also my desire to see Justin-Bobby bathed--not the actual bath itself, but the after-effects of said bath.

[PS: The Country Music Marathon is tomorrow--get up earlier and cheer on your crazy dedicated friends who haven't yet learned about the internal combustion engine. Or bicycles.]

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

More Softball

/\ The color of the knot on my forehead.

I am playing catcher--I do seem to have some natural ability to catch a ball; unfortunately, I am at best an unpredictable thrower, and I can't run, so catching is the best position for me.

Last night, I took a shot to the forehead from a foul tip in the first inning, did some funky thing to my knee trying to get an out at home, and bruised up my right shin somehow.

When I bat, I usually like to get it over with, almost always swinging at the first pitch, but, my last at-bat yesterday, I actually took 4 pitches, thinking to myself how nice it would be to not have to run to first.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Blog for the hell of it

Not much to add today.

Did I tell you my girl and I are on a softball team? It's supposed to be for fun, but it seems as if our competitors haven't gotten that particular memo. As an adult, if you need to prove your prowess to the world on a softball field in a recreational league, perhaps some soul-searching is in order--what do you have to prove that can be proven in that venue?

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Do you ever listen to the local news?

I hate all of the local newscasts at all 97 or so hours a day they are broadcast. All of them suck.

And yet, I am watching one now. "Tonight, Hollywood is mourning the loss of an acting legend." If he was just the acting legend, when is the permanent legend going to be installed? What happened to the former legend? Aren't news writers supposed to be able to actually write or something? It is almost like we are witnessing the world promised to use by "Idiocracy." A suggestion: say the stupid words out loud before programming them in the TelePrompTer. Ya know, so you have some idea of how stupid they'll sound in time to maybe edit them or something?

And then there is the inanity of the stories which have no business on a newscast: while little Cassie singing "Best of Both Worlds" was really cute and all, we're actually fighting two wars (not counting The War On Drugs, or The War on Poverty, or all those wars). And the economy is in the crapper.

But keep us ignorant, Local News! It makes us happier.

[ETA: I stupidly failed to give "credit" for the broadcast that has me all spun up: The honor goes to "News"Channel 5, WTVF, Nashville 10 o'clock Sunday broadcast (website looks really great right now, but that is because it is under construction). Oh, HD. They're really, really proud of that HD thing. As if the pretty picture of their broadcast makes up for the seriously lame content.]

Friday, April 04, 2008

I just cannot hang

My sister, her partner, and their mothers are in town for a few days, which has been a lot of fun They live in Michigan and since we are all busy, we don't get to see each other often. But Bitch and the Exciting Conclusion played a gig at The End last night, and my sister, her partner and my step-mom are all Big Fans, so they traveled down her to see the show.

We had a really nice time at dinner (though, if anybody knows what happened to the restaurant at Coco Loco's, please let me know--they were really disappointed it was closed). And the opening acts for B+TEC were pretty good. But doors opened at the club at 9, and the first of two opening bands went on at 10:30 or so. Normally, I am in bed by 9, because I am an old fart and I need my sleep.

Anyway, it was midnight by the time B+TEC went onstage.

I now know why I never could be a rockstar. It isn't lack of ability or desire or talent.

It's because I need my sleepy time.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Working through the shame spiral

So, dear readers, as you can no doubt tell, blogging has taken a back seat to other life events. Every so often, I click back over to The Stupid, feeling like a neglectful parent.

But a friend did a little online mini-intervention, and invited me back into the blogging fold. He described his personal demons with not making his blog a priority and how he eventually had to change his stinkin' thinkin'. (Please note, his blog is funny and well-written; I can promise no such thing).

So, I am going to try better, Dear Readers, because you deserve better.

Meanwhile, a pretty picture:

I took that in November somewhere along the Natchez Trace. Pretty, huh? Too bad I didn't rotate it one click counterclockwise for you to really enjoy it!