Sunday, July 27, 2008

Even more!

Patches is trying to make a break for it.

This is Cookie (the calico [she is, honest]) trying to get some warmth from Jasper, the black one.

All the babies huddled together for warmth. From bottom to top is Patches (gray and white), Cookie (calico) and Jasper (black)

And this is Maggie. She wants to make it perfectly clear that she's no darn cat. She's a hound dog.


Aithne said...

OMGosh! Cuteness overload! Looks like the kittehs are doing well, and your pup is so cute!

Anne said...

The kittehs are doing amazingly well. After having talked to a couple of vets last week, I thought things looked pretty bleak, but they've been eating and well, evacuating, with great aplomb.

Maggie is a cutie. She has a habit of falling asleep right where she is, taking her life in her own hands. She is a very sweet girl, though, with a really lovely disposition.

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