Saturday, August 12, 2006

Today's Stupid Driver

I know it is very early in the day to award the day's Stupid. But sometimes, the daily penultimate stupid occurs in the somewhat early hours, as was the case today.

As Mr. The Stupid Girl and one of our many, many feline friends were riding home from the vet, I noticed a Metro police officer. I love cops. They do a job I could never do in a million years. But I have noticed that Metro cops are among the worst violators of traffic law in town.

Today, whichever Metro officer who drives car #7242 was engaged in some very intense conversation over his mobile phone. I mean, I couldn't hear anything he was saying, nor could I read his lips, nor was he gesturing wildly. But, the conversation must have been intense because in the two miles or so I followed him, he executed no fewer than six lane changes, and never used his directional to indicate his intentions. He also failed to cite the driver in front of him who ran a red light at Nolensville Road/Harding Place, rated one of Metro's ten most dangerous intersections. But I don't want to pile on.

Chief Serpas, it's time to get your officers squared away. Start making them obey the rules of the road. And citing those who do not.

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