Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Initial Entry

Iwould imagine the initial blog entry should set the tone for the blog that is to follow. I also imagine that I should lay out my vision of my online publishing career.

This entry will do none of those. And here is why:

I was innocently reading craigslist this afternoon when I discovered a link. Like "Wet Paint" signs, I find myself inexplicably drawn to links, so I clicked through this one and discovered a blog. The blogger made a comment I didn't agree with, so I added a comment. In the process of doing so, I discovered I had a profile and so I followed that link.

Anyway, so I rediscovered our old blog, and decided to see if I can perhaps revive it, maybe with a slightly different theme.

I still want it to have the slightly cynical air of before, but perhaps with a bouquet of bitterness, with a hint of acid on the tongue. Vinegary, I think, is the adjective I am looking for.

I am considering perhaps "Stupid Things I Have Heard/Read/Witnessed Today." The reason for that is because I have discovered that my days are filled with stupid things I hear or read or see, and I think it might be worthwhile to catalogue those things. I think having a place on the internets (this is #5, by the way, for those keeping track at home) where I can rant with fair ease might help me with my attitude when dealing with those aforementioned stupid things. If I begin to view these stupidities as a dispassionate observer, eager to document stupid things for the sake of posterity, as opposed to some set of obstructions between me and my goal, sent by some diety with a very bizarre sense of humor, then perhaps I will begin to look forward to such stupidities with joy as opposed to trepidation.

Or not.

We shall see.

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