Thursday, July 27, 2006

The stupid thing I saw today

I love craigslist. It is a pleasure to read and it is a fine way to pass time. I love reading the lunatics' rantings in the "rant and rave" section, and my romantic self loves reading the "missed connection" section, hoping that someone will find love through some fleeting encounter.

I have learned though over the course of the last few weeks that the section with the most entertainment value is "resumes." In my opinion, it is the section with the worst writing. Most resumes posted there are poorly formatted (even by craigslist standards) and the grammar...oy. It is enough to make a word lover weep. Or laugh uproariously.

The stupid resume for today is an exception to that, however. Its formatting is not completely heinous, and the writing is not awful (though I would caution against putting one's references' contact information online). It is the headline that earned its place in The-Stupid Blog:

Very experienced resume!

If I were that resume, I think I might be offended by the disparagement of my character!

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