Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Stupid Political Blog Post #1

MT. JULIET — The Scappaticci family came prepared for Tuesday night's outdoor prayer rally: They came early, brought a cooler of food and drinks, and even a football to toss about.

Stephan and Susan Scappaticci acknowledged they know very little about the American Civil Liberties Union or all the particulars of a recent lawsuit filed by the group's Tennessee chapter against Lakeview Elementary, the school where their young children, third grade and kindergarten, attend.

But the couple — he's a teacher in Metro schools — said worse things could happen than having "our children prayed over."

Ah, yes, Mr. and Mrs. Scappaticci, there are worse things that could happen than having your children prayed over. For example, your school district could go broke defending itself against an ACLU lawsuit that only the truly stupid could not have seen coming.

A hint for all you Christianists: Prayer in school is a long-settled issue in the law. It's okay if kids do it silently. It's okay if kids decide to meet around the flagpole before school and pray. It may be okay for parents to meet in the school before classes start and pray. It is never okay for a teacher to lead a class in prayer.

Any questions?

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