Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Nation's Top Cop a Big Fat Liar?

It would seem that when Alberto Gonzales, Attorney General of the United States, testified to the Senate recently, he failed to mention that the White House was deeply involved in the firing of federal prosecutors. While one of his "top aides," Kyle Samson, resigned Monday, apparently because he did not fully disclose to undisclosed "other Justice officials" the extent of then-White House counsel Harriet "I Was Nearly Promoted Beyond My Competence" Miers' involvement in the firing process, Mr. Gonzales did not make any mention of that in his sworn testimony to the Senate. Though he did say "mistakes were made" in handling the situation.

IOKIYAR, though, right?


Mark said...

IOKIYAR...nice use of that neologism. So Uncle Alberto joins with Newt "oops I did it again" Gingrich in this week's inductees in the Republican Pantheon of Douchebaggery.

I believe the report I saw said that they had been collaborating with Myers for Two Freaking Years!

Anne said...

npr.org corroborates the two years thing. Craziness...

And, though Newt *is* a classic douchebag, he's at least a paleodouchebag, in that the worst thing he did was divorce his wife while she was in the hospital suffering from cancer.

He didn't start an unnecessary war, then fail to plan to win the damn thing. So he is a much higher class of douchebag than the current crop.

Mark said...

Well, that...and leading a witch-hunt against Clinton that wasted millions of dollars and thousands of man-hours and set the stage for the current crop of douchbags, all for essentially the same thing he was doing himself at the same time (yes, it was technically about the lying, but...). But I agree, on the continuum of douchbaggery, Newt is but a newt compared to the Neo-douchbags. :-)