Sunday, April 06, 2008

Do you ever listen to the local news?

I hate all of the local newscasts at all 97 or so hours a day they are broadcast. All of them suck.

And yet, I am watching one now. "Tonight, Hollywood is mourning the loss of an acting legend." If he was just the acting legend, when is the permanent legend going to be installed? What happened to the former legend? Aren't news writers supposed to be able to actually write or something? It is almost like we are witnessing the world promised to use by "Idiocracy." A suggestion: say the stupid words out loud before programming them in the TelePrompTer. Ya know, so you have some idea of how stupid they'll sound in time to maybe edit them or something?

And then there is the inanity of the stories which have no business on a newscast: while little Cassie singing "Best of Both Worlds" was really cute and all, we're actually fighting two wars (not counting The War On Drugs, or The War on Poverty, or all those wars). And the economy is in the crapper.

But keep us ignorant, Local News! It makes us happier.

[ETA: I stupidly failed to give "credit" for the broadcast that has me all spun up: The honor goes to "News"Channel 5, WTVF, Nashville 10 o'clock Sunday broadcast (website looks really great right now, but that is because it is under construction). Oh, HD. They're really, really proud of that HD thing. As if the pretty picture of their broadcast makes up for the seriously lame content.]


Jerry Lees said...

Love the blog! I linked to you from my blogger blog (that I really haven't done much with yet), but I have a similar blog at

Anne said...

Cool, jerry--so much stupid, so little time to devote to its observation!