Friday, April 25, 2008

I love The Hills

There, I said it. And yes, I mean the "reality" show on MTV, with Lauren "LC" Conrad, Heidi Montag and all the rest.

Why? I have, admittedly, nothing in common with these girls, barring poor choices in men (which I continued right on into my mid-30s). So what is it that draws me to spare space on my Tivo for this show?

I think it might be my desire to see Spencer finally get his comeuppance, preferably in the form of a whomp upside the head that miraculously wipes the smirk from his perpetually-smirking mug (maybe he reminds me of a younger version of GWB?). He's a turd. Oh, and also my desire to see Justin-Bobby bathed--not the actual bath itself, but the after-effects of said bath.

[PS: The Country Music Marathon is tomorrow--get up earlier and cheer on your crazy dedicated friends who haven't yet learned about the internal combustion engine. Or bicycles.]

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