Friday, January 12, 2007

Anne's Shit List

When The Stupid was conceived (on a night of drunkeness which is now some fuzzy clump of vague memories in some reptillian nook of my brain, as it is with so many conceptions over time), I had planned on a regular segment to be called "Anne's Shit List." On it would be included those who richly deserved it. Over the past six-ish months of regular-ish postings, I have failed to populate the list.

I just wanted you to know that, at some point, The Shit List may appear in these here pages.

Or not.

Oh, like Colbert's Threatdown always has bears somewhere on it, Anne's Shit List will have Drivers who Refuse to use Their Turn Signals.

I wonder how much renting a billboard costs. I think I'd like to post a "Use your F&%*ing Turn Signal" sign up at various places around town. It might get some folks' much needed attention.


John H said...

I want a HUGE billboard at the exit from I-65 southbound at Metrocenter Blvd (8th) that says..


Plus, a camera that records all the fucktards who don't yield so that they can receive $1,000 fines. I"m tired of this shit (as you may be able to tell (o;)

Anne said...

Wanna go halfsies on that billboard at Metrocenter? "Fucktards" is the only appropriate adjective in this case, by the way. You chose well!