Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Signs of the Apocalypse

This was in my lawn.


In case you missed my "Tale of the Tape" post below, it is, allegedly, January in the Northern hemisphere of Planet Earth. Dandelions are not supposed to be growing in lawns.

[A little aside here, as I look at that picture. I have lived in 26 states, and Tennessee is the worst, by far, for growing grass. It just doesn't grow here. And I lived in the desert, for the love of Mike, and the grass was lush compared to here. Sorry; it's a gripe that's been weighing on my mind for 9 long years, and I just had to get it out.]


Lynnster said...

I just know my buttercups are coming up any day now. This'll be the second year in a row I'll have none in March because they will have come up too early and frozen. Bah.

Anne said...

I hate that! Our crocuses have been coming up since Christmas eve, and hub told me that there are some daffodils that are coming up, as well.

I am a Yankee at heart; I prefer things remain dead/dormant until the depths of winter!