Monday, January 08, 2007

I have come to a horrifying conclusion about myself

I think I may be an over-share-er.

I was just talking to a new friend, and, as I was telling her about the reason I am involved in a certain civic organization, I realized that I should probably shut the hell up. I mean, she hadn't asked, and we are at work, and I should not assume that just because she's cool that she is on the same political side as me. And the specific issue I was talking about is one that is laden with all sorts of emotions on both sides of the issue, so discussing it at work should be verboten, and I know that; I am the very portrait of Appropriate Workplace Behavior.

I mean, I want to toddle off over to her cube and tell her not only that I love Michelina's Salsbury Steak, but why I love its fatty, salty goodness so much, and that they were on sale 10 for $10 at Publix on Saturday when I went to do my grocery shopping, where Li'l Stupid Girl and I lucked into 20 peices of free deli fried chicken because someone cancelled an order...

Perhaps my lack of friends is contributed to by my oversharing. Who knows. The blog really should be the place where I overshare, not in the office.


John H said...

i normally would never pimp anything i wrote on my blog in the comment section of any blog - a stupid blog, or a wonderful blog that witnesses stupid things, but this time i'm making an exception..


you probably know that you have fans..i just wanted to make sure you really knew..(o;

Anne said...

Hey, hon, you can pimp those sorts of blog posts anytime you want here at The Stupid!

Thank you so much. I am very flattered.

Emmie said...

well thats a nice blog.... i don't think the conclusion to be horrifying anyways...well i am really keen about some of my views about friendship...well u can just drop by My Friendship blog sometime and tell me if u find it interesting...!!!

John H said...

now that, emmie, is pimping..

Anne said...

emmie, that is a very narrow focus on your blog there. I admire your singular vision.