Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Today's Driving Annoyance: HOV Lanes

"HOV" is an abbreviation for High-Occupancy Vehicles. Find the definition for HOV here. In Tennessee, the Tennessee Department of Transportation has designated lanes on certain interstates to be reserved for HOVs only (plus motorcycles, and excluding vehicles with three axles or more) during certain hours. During those hours, those who are driving vehicles with one occupant are to stay out of HOV lanes, period. They are not passing lanes, nor should the single-occupant vehicle driver feel it is okay to use those lanes during those hours, even for passing (which you are doing on the left, which is progress, to be sure).

While there has been legislation presented in the past (as well as in other states) to open up HOV lanes to those single-occupant drivers of hybrids and/or low-emission vehicles, you would be hard pressed to prove to me, Mr. Driver of a 2001 GMC Pick-up Truck With No Passengers that your vehicle meets the statutory definition of a High-Occupancy Vehicle.

Cheif Serpas: y'all are missing a great revenue stream. Start patrolling I-24 Southbound during the afternoon rush, and I'll betcha you'll be making some serious scratch!

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