Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Stupidest Place to Proselytize

No, not New Jersey itself, but a classroom in New Jersey.

It seems as if a certain Mr. "P," a full-time teacher, and a part-time preacher, decided that, in direct contravention of Supreme Court rulings, he should be able, on government time, at government expense, in a government facility, in front of students compelled to be in attendance, it he could preach that:

"He (God) did everything in his power to make sure that you could go to heaven, so much so that he took your sin on his own body, suffered your pains for you and he's saying, 'Please accept me, believe me.'"

He adds, according to the tapes: "If you reject that, you belong in hell. The outcome is your prerogative. But the way I see it, God himself sent his only son to die for David Paszkiewicz on that cross ... And if you reject that, then it really is to hell with you."

I am a Christian. We are raising our children as Christians. We have neighbors, however, who are not Christian. We have neighbors who are Christian who attend a different church than my family and I do on Sunday morning. The public school is meant to accommodate all of my neighbors, not just the ones who go to the same church I do.

Enough, already. For the love of all that is holy, fellow Christians, ease up already! I do not care what you have been preached to; the US is not a Christian country. It is a secular one. We Christians should rejoice in that, because it means that, as long as it is secular, our right to worship as we choose is not in danger.

However, as soon as others try to make the nation into a religious one, those of other faiths will be discriminated against. Sure, it's probably just going to be the Muslims now (and since they're all nascent terrorists anyway, who really cares, right? nudge nudge wink wink), but, balances of power shift, and, while it may be the Christians oppressing the Muslims, that could reverse itself pretty quickly.

So please be careful what you pray for. And stop preaching in school.

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