Thursday, December 28, 2006

Awesome parking lot stuff

So, after 4 months, I have finally learned how to move pics off my phone and put them on to my computer. So now I will be incorrigible, probably.


I saw two really cool parking lot things today. One is about an issue I have touched on before, namely, why backing into parking spaces is a bad idea. I can finally illustrate the "your bumper takes up the sidewalk space that was made for walking" idea.

See how the cars that are parked head in are pretty unobtrusive on the pedestrian-designated area? Let me show you just how much of the sidewalk this winner took with a different shot.

See? It's nearly the whole thing. And, since it was a Suburban, he would've been able to see over the cars parked around him without any trouble at all.

My next example of parking lot awesomeness came from my local Publix, where I had to stop in to get stuff (why I felt compelled to add that irrelevancy, I'll know). Anyway, what got my attention initially about this vehicle was its color. It was the brightest blue I have ever seen on a car in my life, with bright yellow-gold trim; it was gorgeous! Oh, and the fact that it was a taxi made it just that much more delicious. So, here it is:

You should know that this Publix has super-wide lanes between its parking spaces, and the store was practically deserted; there were dozens of places for this guy to park adequately.

Dear readers, please don't do the above things when you're parking. It makes others think ill of you.

[I'm shadowing now. I'll be doing that for a little while 'til I make the final leap.]


John H said...

if you're ever in the area, PLEASE bring your phone/camera to the 8th Avenue Kroger and bear witness to the worst parking lot design in the world. Plus, you'll get to see some really interesting people and their creative parking.

I hate those big behomaths (sp?) when the spill over like that..

Anne said...

Oh my goodness, yes! That Kroger lot is just heinous!