Friday, December 15, 2006

Wait, that's not working like we planned

Apparently, the company building the fence between California and Mexico has been fined for using [drumroll please] illegal aliens.

Is there anything left for the executive branch of this government to fuck up? (And sorry for dropping the f-bomb, but jebus Chrysler, these people are the very definition of inept. I think I've developed TMJ from all the jaw-dropping I've been doing over the past six years.)

[On the downlow, I ink-thay I will be eaving-lay ogger-Bl eta-Bay oon-say. I am using ig-pay atin-lay to eep-kay the eta-bay off aurd-gay. Ever-nay underestimate the ower-pay of the eta-bay. ill-way eep-kay you osted-pay.]


Lynnster said...

ordpress-way is your friend. ;) That's where I'm headed.

If you want to spend $15 a year you can also have it with your own domain...

Anne said...

Thanks for the tip!

Does the $15/year include the domain, or would I need to purchase that separately?

Ned Williams said...

I moved to wordpress two weeks ago (I was miffed that I couldn't upgrade to beta.blogger for certain features, such as "categories") and now I'm having serious second thoughts.

By the way, beta.blogger sent me an invitation one week after I made the switch. Maybe I should have used pig latin.