Monday, December 18, 2006

Stupid John McCain

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, Republicans, please run this clown.

You see, McCain wants to hold bloggers (or at least those that allow public profiles) responsible somehow for knowing whether commenters on their sites are registered sex offenders, and, if so, remove those posts from their sites, or face the consequences (up to $300,000 worth of consequences).

How, exactly, is someone supposed to determine which posters are sex offenders? Should there be a "if you are a sex offender, please check here"-type question on all online profiles? And, it's not as if the internet is full of people who tell the truth about their sexual exploits (I know; I did online dating for a long, long time. Finding a truthful person was a challenge, to say the least).

It's a stupid idea from a man who is losing all association with reality.


Ned Williams said...

I don't support McCain, but I can sure tell you that ideas like this aren't targeted at people like me or Conservative leaning voters.

Anne said...

I sure wish I knew who they were aimed at.

I find McCain's "politics" getting more and more bizarre all the time.