Monday, December 11, 2006

Blogger Censorship

No, this isn't about bloggers being censored; this is about bloggers doing the censorship.

If you are going to allow comments on your blogs, particularly those of you bloggers who are particularly hyperbolic and acerbic in your tone, have the ovaries to allow comments on your blogs.

That there are those of you who "hold comments for approval" strikes me as being awfully weak and cowardly, especially when you never post those comments that poke holes in your lame arguments.


Brandon said...

Maybe they are just tired of assbags who seem to get their jollys picking stupid things to argue about.

For the record, I allow all comments on my blog--even the anonymous ones (ahem!).

Anne said...

If people aren't allowed to nitpick, the whole blogging enterprise is doomed!

And I use to allow "anonymous" commenting, but just like I think it is important for bloggers to allow others to comment on their works, it is important for comment-ers to kind of stand up and take responsibility for what they said.

If someone wants to use my blog to advertise the fact that they think I am an asshole, then I think they should have the courage of their convictions enough to sign their name to it.

Check out Craigslist's Rant and Raves section for the dangers of anonymous commenting.