Sunday, December 31, 2006

Liveblogging take 3

I don't think my kids will ever know why Dick Clark was such an icon.


Lynnster said...

Enjoyed your liveblogging, even though I'm reading it after the fact! New Year's Rockin' Eve has sure changed a lot since the days when I watched it religiously year after year.

I have thought the same about Dick Clark as well. Then again I never thought I'd see a day when American Bandstand wasn't on every week.

My poor kids, if I ever have any, will be forced to like music whether they like it or not (heh). That said, I hope someday (if they are or will be available, I haven't checked) a lot of the Dick Clark/AB-produced music retrospectives will available on DVD. For no child of mine to know who Dick Clark is (or likely was, by then) and what he did for the world of modern music would just be a travesty.

Anne said...

American Bandstand not being on television anymore is an injustice I do not believe I will ever get over. Once I was too old for cartoons on Saturday morning, I was old enough to see Madonna and Duran Duran lip syncing to their hits, and chatting to Dick with his super-skinny mic...

I loved that show so much. And the new New Year's Rockin' Eve is so different, probably because I don't have any clue who most of the people are, and the kids in the crowd are so young, not like when we were growing up!