Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Could it be?

It appears as if our highly-esteemed Metro Council has finally managed to find itself on the right side of a piece of legislation, even if it might be temporary, and perhaps accidental.

Once and for all: there are many, many ways of being in this country absolutely legally and not know how to speak the language. The number of immigrants who choose not to learn English is not measurable using modern scientific equipments. It is not a lack of motivation that prevents people from learning the language. People do, in fact, learn English.

For Council member Crafton, who proposed this retarded legislation, come on down and spend some time down here in South Nashville on Nolensville Road, and see just how busted up our community is by its multilingual nature. Watching you get the smackdown from Council member Jameson was delicious.

Bigots, go home!


John H said...

crofton is the jackass who brought us the 'let's sneak kay brooks a home-schooler on the school board' manuever last summer.

Jameson is simply wonderful and I wish he'd run for mayor.

Anne said...

Thanks for the info about Crofton. I'll definitely be checking Jameson out more, as well. He was cogent, calm, and blistering the other night, and it was a pleasure to watch. He gives me hope for the Metro Council.