Thursday, December 07, 2006

Stupid Unintended Consequences

So back at the beginning of the school year, Jerry Falwell's Liberty Council sued and won the right to have religious mailings sent home through Albemarle County, VA's "backpack mail" program.

Well, it would seem as if there are a lot of religions out there. And, because Falwell got the ball rolling, the pagens have decided they want in on the action. And, since fair is fair, they got it.

Way to go, Reverend Falwell. It seems you and your cohorts are responsible for the downfall of Christianity in Albemarle County!

That is funny, funny stuff.

[Update: Here is a link to a story directly about the Pagan's infiltration (Go, Fightin' Pagans!). Be sure to stick around for the delicious comments.]

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